Dr Kendra Arkley (Research Fellow)


Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, S10 2TP, UK.

Email: k.arkley/at/sheffield.ac.uk


I am a Research Fellow in the ATL@S Research Group, currently funded by the EPSRC. My research investigates vibrissal active touch sensing strategies in rats by using high-speed videography to observe the fine and fast-moving whiskers. Specifically, I explore the extent to which whisker sensing is active by demonstrating that contextual variables (e.g. availability of visual cues, presence of obstacles) alter the way in which the rat moves and positions its whiskers. I argue that these changes in whisking strategy arise as a result of a higher-order cognitive process - conceivably attention, and (by analogising with eye movements), that all observed whisker movements (and gross behaviour) may be explained using one key variable - the attended to region of space.

Research Interests